The College of Fine Arts at the University of Baghdad supervised the submission of a plan to develop the features of the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense and its formations, under the supervision of a group of teachers and artists specialized in this field.

The plan included providing a set of tips and guidance necessary to develop the Ministry of Defense building, while maintaining the historical and military character of the ministry, with the dimensions of visual pollution causes during the implementation of the new development plan.

The Dean of the College of Fine Arts, Dr. Mu’nad Al-Asadi, said during his tour with Defense Minister Thabet Al-Abbasi, that the University of Baghdad is working to provide a set of advice and development plans for important state institutions, to preserve the historical and civilized character of the country.

It is worth noting that Defense Minister Thabet Abbasi had previously directed to work on the restoration and development of the Taji Camp building, the ministry’s headquarters, the Officers Club and a number of other facilities, to match the workload of the ministry’s buildings.


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