Newsletter, December 2013


Our University Joins the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association

As the university president is much more  interested to support the outstanding students and expand the field of knowledge and intellectual and academic areas of students, Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein  took the initiative  to honor a group of genius students ,College of Medicine, after they managed to join officially the “International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations with the  support and patronage of the Presidency of the University and Dean of the college of Medicine, where they could  satisfy and apply all regulations , the conditions and requirements to join this organization. Let it be known that this is the first time for Iraq to join such worldwide organization which oversees and supervises more than two million doctors and specialists together with those contributors in the humanitarian Medicine and human science, which will give the chance to students of medicine in the world to cope, look and go into Medical Science and all discplines. Prof. Dr. Alaa’ explained for the website team that the university is keen to honor the outstanding students in order to create a spirit of competition and perseverance among students to improve the science, he also  stressed the need to honor each scientific activity  that serves the scientific course of the university. He has instructed during the University Council holding that the University Council should adopt all distinguished students’ projects and honored them, so as to raise the morale of the students and guiding them towards progress , excellence and intellectual development. Prof. Dr. Mohi Kadhem ,Dean of the college of Medicine presented a gift to the students for their excellence , he also thanked Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein  for his great sponsorship to the  outstanding students and their interest in the Scientific Aspects as well as   their  support to achieve coping with the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world. Then ,the honored  students offer their thanks to the President of the University and the University Council and expressed their great happiness for this support and assistance, explaining in a brief speech the importance of joining this world organization, which would improve the global connectivity with their peers in universities in the world as they keep in touch with the Association through their websites and through their periodic attendance of the meetings of the organization, where its headquarter is in France which provides students with the latest  advanced scientific sources and other data of  the latest medical equipment and health supplies. The website team has attended the University Council and documented the honor of the President of the University for the outstanding students.

Watch us from the satellite university channel

“Harvest of the University” monthly program – view also on YouTube

With the grace of Almighty God and the efforts of the good in our university, the action is done with the new Office of the university satellite channel at Baghdad University. The first episode of the television program “harvest of the university” is displayed on the university channel that belongs  to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, which dealt with the latest developments and activities and the activities of the University of Baghdad. This episode has been produced  within international standards of broadcast, signal, image and sound purity with  the follow-up and direct support from Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein Abdulrasul, President of the University who instructed that the episode should be distinctive and worthy of the level and status of the prestigious Baghdad University. He also recommended  to document and display the scientific activities, innovations and world innovations carried out by the university and display all the intellectual and creative products of members of the university: professors, researchers, creative students  and the talented. He also  recommended that these creative things should  impair the media interest that is  comparable to the equivalent media adopted by the other universities, as well as he instructed to form a specialized scientific committee of leading experts in the computer Prof. Dr. Ghassan Hamid, Director of the  Computer Center; in the media, Dr. Kadhem Omran; in the production film Dr Abdulbassit Salman and in the quality assurance,instructor Wisam Abid Shukr Mahmood, director of quality assurance and university performance,supervising  the production and displaying  of TV episodes on Channel university. The University president also instructed to have interest with the scientific and intellectual activities with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and give them priority, stressing that the Iraqi society is waiting more from our university. university president in the television and filming media and  in a meeting with the administration  of the Office of the university channel University of Baghdad and the Website team ,he focused  that the priority of  publishing should be to innovators , inventors, publishers of scientific research of the impact factor, and try to mesh  the  university products with the movement of the market to support and serve the society with  all the possibilities of the  university and its intellectual products. The university produced more films about its varied activities. It is now preparing for many programs in coordination between the Director of the Department of Information, Dr. Kadhem Omran who showed all the potentials of the department to produce a lot of films that will appear soon. It has also been coordinated with Engineer Basm Hamid, Director of Website and Dr Abdulbassit Salman ,Director of Office of University Channel at the University of Baghdad, for the preparation of texts and writing the scripts for the television episodes which will be presented in both Arabic and English, hoping that it will be displayed in French and German in the near future and then in Spanish. The work gets started with the office of the  university channel  as a first stage and with limited possibilities inside  the university, without the benefit of any expertise or possibilities from outside the university, where the university president instructed that the university should be the first artery for each media experts especially since our university has supplied Iraq for years with all the experiences of press, media, television and film and computer expertise and technical editing and production. The first episode earned the desirability of a lot of specialists when displayed and many of the members of the University Council have shown great admiration and praising on the first episode who saw the program and by specialists and experts in the television, film and computer media experts and professionals of graphic and computers, emphasizing the excellence of Baghdad University in the creative field.The website team followed up the  activities of the satellite  university library at the University of Baghdad and has documented some of the data and photos : – Click the link below to watch the episode (معاينة)
“Harvest of the university” program – the first episode, is a program displayed on  the satellite university TV channel, addresses the latest scientific , cultural and intellectual activities and events of the University of Baghdad . The support and backing is from Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein and Dr. Hussein Yousif ,the Administrative Assistant and Dr. Alaa’ Karim, the scientific Assistant; prepared and directed by Dr Abdulbassit Salman, operations support and Montage and graphic  Dr. Ghassan Hameed, director of the Computer Center at the University of Baghdad; contributed to the preparation Dr. Kadhem. Omran and Dr. Ibtihal  Mehdi ; the production director. Mr.Basim Hameed Jremid. The first episode is about the activities of September 2013, presented  by  Ahmed Imad, Hilal Rasoul kano, commentator is  Hussein Al-Zboon, editing and graphic by Mahmood al-Moussawi, production of the University of Baghdad – Office of satellite University channel 2013.

Congratulation, University of Baghdad Wins at Stockholm Film Festival

The university participates in most cultural and large creative forums including the world, among them is the” First Films Festival – Stockholm ” of Iraq which was held in Sweden  with the support of the Foundation “Medborgarskolan of culture” where  the University was awarded  for its film  nature is the best  ” ,which was directed by Prof. Dr. Abdul bassit Salman , Director of  university channel, who personified the role of science and its consistency with nature in the service of humanity with film vision  which is considered one of the most important methods of film that is of on- traditional expression , where the film came with  “Animation Cartoon” and with an image expression that is  free of any dialogue , but in expressions like gestures and voice by moot movements that  showed as a result  an understandable vision without translation or dubbing , making the film in the non- local  expression but beyond to be according to the international vision .The subject of the film addresses a central issue which is the struggle of  nature with the tyranny of Man and his control of humanity through his brute strength that he struggles with the creation of Almighty God and then all the forces are defeated and shattered  in front of the justice of Almighty God , nature and science that Almighty God bless, to let the science that belongs to nature be suitable  with the will God of his ability in justice. our university has contributed with a series of important short films  and up to ten films of the college of Fine Arts , Department of film and the presidency of the University of Baghdad .The films of the  university had a prominent role and is extremely large in  the success of the festival in the sense that  the films carried a modern and vision and  intellectual growing.   Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul hussein, president of Baghdad University, attended the ceremony , Mr. Mudhaffar al-Rubaie, a representative of the Ministry of Culture, Prof. Dr. Haider Makiya ,Associate Dean of the college of Engineering and Dr. Kadhem Omran director of media and relations with a number  of professors and students at the university also attended the ceremony  with the presence of some of the creators  , the winners of the festival and some of the media .The festival was held at the Hall of Jameel Al-Mala’ka , college of Engineering in Al-Jadirriya in order to honor our university as patronage of culture , art and creativity . in the  speech of the president of the university he showed the keen interest of  the university in supporting culture and creativity , and to transfer the humanitarian image that the Iraqi society or a researcher or a student at the University of Baghdad enjoyed, he also stressed the the support of all university students in the disciplines of cinema  to participate in international festivals , because of its important role in highlighting the humanitarian role of the Iraqi society, stressing that creativity does not stand at one side, but beyond the border , especially in our university those of media artists and of all the creators.  Mr. Salam Qasim the Prime of Stockholm Film Festival offered his thanks to the university president and his sponsorship of creativity and culture, evaluating the role of the University of Baghdad as a sponsor of art and creativity and as a humanitarian leader ,stressing that the University of Baghdad represents the true depth of creativity, art and culture with what came out of artists and creators. a representative of the Iraqi Ministry of Culture also  thanked our university.   The Festival administration had honored all the winners of the festival in the Iraqi Media Network at the Hall of Institute of radio training in Al-Salihiya , in a celebration that  the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate Professor Moued Al-Lami and head of the Iraqi Media Network , Mr. Abdul Jabbar Shaboot and all the winners of the festival attended with  the presence of broad media and satellite channels that covered the ceremony and presented. The festival administration held another ceremony where the university president has been honored for his active role in supporting  the creators , artists, filmmakers , and provided a festival shield for the presidency of Baghdad , for the film  ” nature is the best ” and also presented a certificate of appreciation to the University and to Dr. Abdul bassit Salman, director of the film; on the other hand  the university president presented the  university shield to the  festival administration , as well as to  Dr Abdul khaliq Shaker, representative of the college of Fine Arts Department of Cinema Arts  and its role in the coordination and organization to let the students of the college of Arts participate at the festival, the  University president also presented the university  Shield to the representative of the Ministry of Culture of the role of the ministry in supporting our university students of  artists and creators , then a set of winning films displayed  at the film festival , and a memorable  group photo picked up of the winners of the festival with the university president .The website administration has followed this important activity and documented it with  a set of beautiful photographs.

National Workshop of Capacity Building of the Ethics of Health and Medical Research

Under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Minister of Health Ministry , ” National Center leadership of  Cancer Research ” at the University of Baghdad in cooperation with the Department of Research and Development , the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization organized (The  national workshop of  capacity building of the ethics of medical research and health ) in Sheraton Hotel / Grande Crystal from 2-4/12/2013 ,among the attendees were (about 280 participants from all Iraqi governorates ) :  Dr . Liqaa’ Al- Yassin , Dr.  Haider Al-Shammari of the Health and Environment Committee in the Parliament  , Dr. Alaa’ Makki, a representative of the Education Committee in the Parliament and the Deputy General Secretary of the Council of Ministers Dr.. Farhad Ni’maallah , Mr. President of Baghdad University  Dr . Alaa’ Al-Kshwan, General Inspector of the Ministry of Higher Education Dr. . Dhiyaa Al-Mawlawi , Mr.Chief of  doctors Dr. . Nadhim Abdulhameed , as well as a number of Heads of Iraqi universities and deans of medical colleges, general managers , the members of the Scientific Research , the Cancer Council and a large number of  the concerned professors and lecturers. The workshop began with a recitation from the Glorious Quran after  the salutation of the Republican anthem. Then ,Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, his excellancy Ali Al-Adeeb delivered his speech , where he explained that the establishment of the program of the national campaign of early detection of cancer  that belongs to the Ministry of Higher Education  in 2009  and the development of the National Center of Cancer Research at the University of Baghdad in 2012 comes  out as a practical application of this scientific approach  which relies on the basis of the partnership ‘s scientific capacity building where the executive management of the program  developed a database containing information storing system relating to   female patients of  cancer through collaboration with the International Agency of Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization , which was basically  later  to establish  a regional project of studies and Researches on Cancer in the Middle East that is headed by the National Center of Research on Cancer  in Iraq, which includes in its membership   Iraq, Lebanon , Jordan and Egypt , noting that the regional countries seeking to join this project in Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Al-Adeeb  added that the new strategic thinking of  the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is seeking and planning to  rebuild the  infrastructure  of the  scientific researches and medical disciplines with one billion dollars given priority to the Medical Specialties . Later, words of welcome speech by Mr. Director General of the Department of Research and Development , Dr. Mohamed Sarraj, Mr. representative of the Ministry of Health  Abdul-Jalil al-Shammari , General Director of  Medical City and the Director of the Office of Iraq to the World Health Organization Dr . Syed Jaafar  who brought  eminent experts from the World Health Organization and the participants , including Dr . David Kerr adviser of British Prime Minister on matters of health and cancer policy , Dr . Anthony Miller of Canada , Professor Nigel Bax  Professor Dr. . Deborah from the University of Sheffield . Then Professor Dr. Nada Abdul Sahib al-Alwan, director of the Iraqi National Center  of Cancer Research and Executive Director of the National Campaign of the early detection of cancer displayed  the main objectives of the workshop , which includes the analysis of the current state of infrastructure in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Health with regards to systems of health and medical research in Iraq and identify national priorities of health and Medical Researches and capacity-building support of specialists in the process of scientific research and directing work on attracting qualified personnel and training as well as  the formation of committees and competent national of ethics of medical research and cancer , in addition to  work on the adoption of research -based evidence and clues in health policy and urging Actual scientific publishing in international journals with impact factor and the adoption of a distinct database systems and quality control in the process of assessing  research and promote the process of scientific cooperation through the establishment of networks with the concerned scientific research institutions. Professor Dr. Nada Alwan expressed that the invited who participated actively in the workshop during the three days are  : gentlemen  Assistant  deans of the colleges of medicine of scientific affairs at the university level in all governorates  , managers of centers and research units in medical specialties at the level of all governorates  and members of the association of the national program of Research on Cancer of all the  ministries of higher education and health. The  workshop included consultative research sessions attended by representatives of the two ministries at the governorates level and scientific lectures presented by international and local experts followed by open discussions, where lasted for three days ,then souvenirs are given for experts and gentlemen who organized the  workshop and appreciative certificates were given  to the attendees participants.  Al-Saraj added  that the workshop will deal  with developing scientific skills and ethics with the  students of medical colleges and ideal practices to conduct applied and epidemiological researches, the method of publishing in international journals with impact factor and analysis of the current state of scientific research in Iraq through the self-assessment of internal and external environment as well as identifying  areas of priority of priority health and medical researches  in Iraq, besides assessing  the excellent medical practices and focusing on the importance of the careful examining  and reviewing, and the invention of storage of information system with  the adoption of a database in the follow -up and assessment of researches  results as well as the insertion  of quality control in the process of publishing medical researches writing and promote the process of cooperation between partners and work to establish scientific networks with the relevant international scientific research institutions.

University activities

-The college of sciences holds a scientific symposium entitled “Earthquakes: causes and effects”

-The university of Baghdad holds a great central festival on the occasion of the anniversary of the martyrdom of Abi Abdullah Al-Hussein (peace be upon him)

-An instructor as a member of the society of American physicists (APS)

-The college of law at the university of Baghdad discusses theoretical and applied aspects of the last Iraqi constitution in a scientific conference

-The university of Baghdad holds the second annual festival of Ashura in cooperation with the holy Abbasid shrine

-The minister of higher education announces ,during a workshop of medical capabilities, transforming Bab al-Mudham complex into a medical edifice including hospitals, medical research centers and specialized medical colleges

-The university of Baghdad embraces the activities of the Iraqi social forum

-The college of pharmacy at the university of Baghdad holds a symposium on the occasion of the international day for the elimination of violence against women

-Selection of an instructor from the institute of laser at the university of Baghdad as a scientific appraiser of international journals

-The administrative agent minister inaugurates the department of banking and finance in the college of management and economics

-Two seminars about Japanese culture and Gilgamesh at the college of arts – the university of Baghdad

-The college of sciences at the university of Baghdad holds its second conference for studying Iraqi oil

-A great Husseinian festival at the college of Islamic sciences at the university of Baghdad

-Arab and Danish theatrical delegations visit the college of fine arts at the university of Baghdad

-Al-Khwarizmi college of engineering applies an interactive educational system

-Algae.. food for future

-The college of arts at the university of Baghdad is looking for continued cooperation with the Japanese embassy


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