The College of Medicine welcomed the President of University of Baghdad,Prof. Dr. Bahaa Ibraheem Ansaf, hosted by the Dean of College, Dr. Ameen Abdul Hassan Manea Al-Alwani, along with the assistant deans and members of the college council. The visit commenced with a ceremony to repeat the medical oath for dental graduates at the University of Baghdad the 66th session, attended by the President of Baghdad University and the Dean of the College of Medicine. Subsequently, the sports field at the College of Dentistry was inaugurated following its comprehensive rehabilitation, accompanied by a tour of the building housing internal departments for medical group students.

During the visit, Prof. Dr. Bahaa stressed the importance of providing essential services for students in the internal departments, commending the placement of informative signage and the cleanliness of student housing floors. He also emphasized the necessity of adhering to safety procedures, particularly regarding electrical connections, and underscored the importance of catering to students’ psychological well-being by providing necessary recreational amenities.

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