Prof.Dr. Bahaa Ibraheem Ansaf, President of University of Baghdad, visited the Iraqi National Center for Cancer Research. He was welcomed by the director of center, Assist.Prof.Dr. Kuwakib Najm Al-Din Abdullah, and several faculty members.

The purpose of the visit was to assess the center’s operations, address any challenges in collaboration with the center’s board of directors, and allocate additional financial support. During discussions with staff, he learned about the center’s services and activities aimed at raising health awareness and preventing cancer, especially among women.

During the tour of the scientific departments, laboratories, and administrative units, Prof.Dr. Bahaa pledged to enhance the working environment, support capacity-building efforts, upgrade facilities, and augment research, technical, and administrative staff. He emphasized the commitment the university to sustaining the center’s progress in cancer research, wishing it continued success and prosperity.


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