Assist.Prof.Dr. Jalal Nasser and Dr. Mohammed Kazem Hamoud, faculty members in the Department of Chemistry at the College of Science, University of Baghdad, have published a research paper entitled “Rapid and Selective Detection of Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride Using Gold Nanoparticle Formation” in the journal “RSC Advances.” This journal holds a high Q1 ranking in Scopus and is affiliated with the British publisher RSC.

The study aimed to develop a simple and cost-effective colorimetric assay for detecting levels of chlorpromazine hydrochloride (CPZ), an important pharmaceutical compound. The test relies on CPZ’s ability to catalyze the reduction of gold ions, leading to the formation of gold nanoparticles and resulting in a noticeable color change.

It is worth mentioning that publishing research in RSC Advances, a prestigious journal in materials science, analytical chemistry, and related fields, confirms the novelty and importance of the results we have achieved. Publishing in high-impact journals like RSC Advances will enhance research efforts and contribute to addressing real-world challenges.


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