The Persian novel (The Scorpion on the Platforms of the Station and Yamshek, or: Blood Flows from This Train, Sir) by the Iranian writer (Hossein Morteza Abkenar), a teacher at the College of Fine Arts – Story Branch at the University of Tehran, has been translated into Arabic by Prof. Dr. Nahi Abdul Ibrahim Al-Zuhairi, a teacher at the College of Languages at the University of Baghdad. The translated version was issued by Dar Lana for Printing and Publishing.

The novel revolves around an Iranian soldier who was in his last days of compulsory military service during the Iran-Iraq war, while he was trying to return to his family in the capital, Tehran. The battles were at their most intense, which greatly affected his endeavor to go back home.

The novel –which Falls within the literature of war – was interspersed with painful scenes about the effects of war on all aspects of life, from man to nature and animals, as the writer was keen to portray them accurately and excitingly. The novel enjoyed a great literary status immediately after its release and was celebrated by literary circles in Iran and abroad.

The novel consists of 75 pages of medium cut, which won many literary awards shortly after its release, including the Golshiri Award for the best novel for the year 1385 H.H., the (Mahragan Literature) Award for the best novel for the year 1385 H.H., as well as the Award for the best different novel for the year 1385 H.H.


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