The Rector of the University of Baghdad, Prof. Dr. Munir Al-Saadi, accompanied by the Assistant Rector for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ameer Faisal, visited the Central University Workshops at the University of Baghdad to oversee maintenance work, specifically related to cloning, carpentry, blacksmithing equipment, and vehicle maintenance. He commended the efforts of the workers and the progress made in these centers.

In a statement, Al-Saadi mentioned “that the workshops affiliated with the University of Baghdad have provided significant services over a period of time, contributing to the support of the university’s academic excellence and enhancing educational processes. He described these workshops as an integral part of the university’s service infrastructure and emphasized the need for continued efforts to ensure the efficient completion of tasks that benefit the educational system in our country.”

Al-Saadi also praised “the exceptional dedication of the workshop staff in promptly addressing technical and service-related challenges. He highlighted the provision of comprehensive support and a conducive work environment, along with the necessary raw materials, to enable the staff to deliver their services to the fullest.”

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