The Director of the Center for Women’s Studies, Assist. Prof. Dr. Athraa Ismail Zaidan, has participated in the first international virtual conference held under the slogan: (Challenges facing women and children in modern society) with a research paper entitled (Motherhood and the challenges of education in the current situation), where she highlighted the variables of the modern era, which dictated to us challenges and cultures on the education of family members and this negatively affects the unity of building society and therefore in the extent of the interdependence of generations and their awareness of the nature of their original culture, which weakens and weakens families in the first place and society as a result.

The research aimed to identify the role of the family in raising children and the research reached several recommendations, including the preparation of educational programs in education regarding the actual preparation of women to perform their functional role in the face of challenges and emergency cultures on society and the presence of centers for research of children and young people whose purpose is to explore the best ways to develop an educational methodology based on educational assets capable of meeting the escalating challenges of modern life.

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