The College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences for Women has organized a workshop entitled “Ensuring quality assurance”, delivered by the head of the Quality Assurance and University Performance Division Dr. Bida Tareq Abdul Wahid and the advisor of measurement and evaluation from the Health and Medical Education Authority and the head on Measurement and Evaluation at the College of Medicine at the University of Baghdad, Dr. Sabeih Abbas al-Mashhadani and the lecturer at the Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences at the College of Education of Al-Mustansiriyah University, Dr. Muntaha Abdul Zahra.

Then the participants talked about the principle of strengthening the bonds of cooperation and exchange between educational, governmental and non-governmental institutions as well as introduce audience to the concept of quality in education as a comprehensive and integrated system that addresses the various aspects of the educational system of inputs, processes and outputs in order to improve their products, dividing educational quality into the quality of processes and outputs. The lecturers recommended the opening of measurement and evaluation centers in Iraqi universities for the sake of assessing the performance of deans, faculty members, students and to follow-up the educational programs and level of graduates according to clear criteria based on institutional methodology and standard measurement tools with the purpose of serving professors and students in general by measuring their knowledge, skills and competence within an accurate transparency.

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