The College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences for Women at the University of Baghdad has organized a lecture entitled “Methods of guidance to reduce extremist thought among female students” for the female students of undergraduate studies. The aim of the lecture was to explain the concept of extremism, which varies from one society to another, as it is a phenomenon that indicates a defect in the human psyche or in the circumstances surrounding it.

The lecture pointed out that extremism represents a departure from general norms and concepts, traditions and customary behaviors, and these acts and actions are unjustified and outside the constitution and the prevailing law, showing the qualities of the extremist individual represented by intolerance of opinion, strictness and non-acceptance of dialogue with others, the use of violence and roughness in dealing, the blind imitation of individuals belonging to other groups. Adding that the main causes of extremism are the economic situation, injustice, persecution and marginalization (social marginalization or exclusion), backwardness, ignorance, social problems, pointing out that there are reasons classified into another set of biological, psychological, social and religious reasons.

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