The Continuing Education Unit at the College of Islamic Sciences has organized a workshop entitled “The spiritual aspect of Islamic economics”, in collaboration with the Department of Financial and Banking Sciences, that was presided over by Assist. Prof. Dr. Raghad Hassan Ali al-Sarraj and Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayoub Mohammed Bajilan from Al-Salam University College in Baghdad.

The lecturers outlined in their studies the urgent need of people for comprehend the nature of economic dealings to sustain life and build states and civilizations, and this requires a statement of spiritual concepts related to economic dealings in Islamic legislation, which is originally disciplined by spiritual rules and origins, calling for virtue, bringing interests and preventing evils in a spiritual atmosphere. Also they explained that the Islamic economy is strong and clean with its high origins and rules, protecting the customers under it and begging them for benefit and preventing them from harming all its colors and forms, and for this Muslims presented the world models of the high civilization active in different citizens and ages, still references to those who wanted to upgrade themselves and their country in the field of finance and economy and deal optimally with different resources to achieve the succession of the good man.

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