Workshop on bio-inspired multi algorithm for complex community structure at the college of science

The department of computer science, in collaboration with Ibn Sina unit for e-learning and the continuing education unit at the college of science, has recently organized a virtual workshop entitled “Bio-inspired multi algorithm with graphlet measure for detection of complex community structure” with the participation of a number of students and researchers interested in computer science, mathematics and biology from inside and outside the college.

The workshop aimed to identify and analyze some previous studies that shed light on the complex structures and functions of networks used for detecting various community structures mathematically as it is considered as a very difficult problem (NP-hard problem) for the sake of presenting key solutions, using evolutionary algorithms inspired by the biological evolution. The workshop was chaired by the Assist. Lecturer Duha Abdul Hadi Abdul Jabbar, who reviewed many efforts tried before to design an effective formula so as to reveal the structure of society in complex networks, by proposing a multi-goal evolutionary algorithm based on Graphlet-Based Measures in terms of accuracy and speed to find out complex topological and biological community structures.

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