Virtual seminar on photon and plasma devices at the Laser Institute

The photons unit at the Laser Institute for Graduate Studies at the University of Baghdad held a virtual seminar entitled (Photon and Plasma devices) via Google Meet service chaired by the director of the photons unit the Lecturer Dr. Hanaa Sami Basheer. The seminar was divided into four main themes addressed in a number of lecturers delivered by engineers interested in this field.

The first lecturer dealt with (Photon and plasma sensor network systems) given by the Assist. Prof. Dr. Tahreer Safaa Mansoor who discussed the importance of preparing advanced designs for photon and plasma devices in order to solve any communication problems. The second lecturer addressed matters related to (The development of high biosensitivity, rapid detection and diagnosis of the level of vulnerability to biomedical pollutants) delivered by the Lecturer Dr. Rana Mohammed Taha from al-Nahrain University in which she highlighted one of the ways to produce a base that improves Raman scattering effect using laser removal. The third lecture entitled (Solar plasma cells: Perovskite solar cells) given by the engineer Raed Abdul Saleh al-Hadeedi from the ministry of industry and minerals in which he discussed various uses and techniques of renewable energy. The fourth lecture entitled (Manufacturing optical devices using Femtosecond laser) delivered by the Assist. Prof. Dr. Ziad Ayad Taha from the Laser Institute for Graduate Studies) who discussed the advanced laser treatment of optical materials as well as the manufacture of micro-optical devices with micro-nano dimensions.

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