The college of science holds a virtual meeting with the University of Portsmouth

The department of earth sciences at the University of Baghdad held its first joint virtual meeting with the representatives of the University of Portsmouth in UK, Dr. Andy Gibson, Dr. Nick Coeur, Dr. Malcolm Whitworth from the Centre for Applied Geosciences and Dr. Julia Brown, head of the international communication and educational exchange at the University. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the prospects of undertaking a joint program for delivering lectures and organizing training courses for students and faculty members between the two sides so as facilitate the fulfillment of the procedures of postgraduate studies for Iraqi students wishing to complete their study in UK.

Prof. Dr. Manal Shaker Ali, the head of the department of earth sciences has represented the University of Baghdad in this event which witnessed the presentation of a documentary of the history of the University of Baghdad, the college of science and its departments, in addition to several topics, including the possibility of concluding a memorandum of understanding between the two universities, since there is a full readiness to cooperate in all academic fields as well as organizing a research partnership sponsored by the Teaching Fellow & Coordinator at the University of Portsmouth, Dr. Mohammed Hassan Nasser.

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