The college of pharmacy at the University of Baghdad has organized an online workshop via Zoom platform entitled “Pharmaceutical applications of 3D printing technology” delivered by the lecturer Omar Saeb Saleh from the Pharmaceutics Branch and Dr. Dimitrios Lamproo, a professor at the School of Pharmacy in Queen’s University, Belfast, UK.

The lecturers discussed the mechanism by which a variety of processes in which material is deposited, joined or solidified under computer control to create a three-dimensional object, where materials are added together (such as plastics or liquids and fused together), i.e, layer by layer. Also they shed light on the use of this smart technology for manufacturing practical models needed in the pharmaceutical industry. The workshop also included a detailed explanation of the parts of this device and the function of each part, and also dealt with some observations on how to prepare samples and materials manufactured inside and outside Iraq and the possibility of preparing different pharmaceuticals in Iraq for the common good.

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