Prof. Dr. Afrah Jassim, a faculty member at the college of arts have represented the University of Baghdad in the international conference held under the slogan (The challenges of social work professionals in the face of Covis-19 epidemic) sponsored by held by the Lebanese Association of Social Workers of the Association of Arab Universities in cooperation with the Modern University for Business and Science in Lebanon and Fayoum University in Egypt.

Dr. Afrah Jassim presented a research paper entitled (The major challenges of Iraqi social work in the face of Coronavirus pandemic: reading in the lost roles) in which she highlighted the most common challenges confronted by the social workers in the country and the ways for overcoming them, especially after comprehending the absence of the workers’ roles during the curfew and the need for spreading the social work culture among the youth so as to deal with crises immediately and to help victims, promote social justice via a group of mechanisms to activate the spirit of cooperation among people.

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