Changer the starting angle for start stage of swimming

Changer the starting angle for start stage of swimming 

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Prof. Dr. Ahmed Thamir Muhsin/Faculty of physical education and sports sciences, University of Baghdad


The use of modern means and devices in developing the level of performance for the swimmers of the Iraqi team is one of the most important fundamentals that have a significant role and effective in the development of the level of achievement. Through the fact that the researcher was a swimmer in the Iraqi swimming team and his work as a swimming coach for  Gas alshemal Club currently noted that there is a convergence between the levels of swimmers in  performance and race in the swimming pool, which attracted his attention to the start stage, start stage is one of the determinants of achievement as part of the total achievement time , So it was necessary to analyze the start of swimming in the 50 m freestyle, as the researcher noted through the analysis that the starting angle of most swimmers was below the imaginary line passing through the center of gravity of the body at the moment of departure (last touch with the starting platform), reducing the horizontal distance that will travel Swimmer during the flight phase and therefore a weak point increases the time of achievement and this negative factor affects the results of swimmers. And the lack of appropriate tools and devices to deal with this subject was born to the researcher the idea of ​​design of a proposed auxiliary device to change the angle of departure and rounded from the ideal angle for each swimmer, as the devices used to develop this skill a few, including the use of a stick placed in front of the swimmer by the coach and the swimmer must Crossing the stick , The researcher believes that this method does not provide safety factor for the possibility of injury swimmer as a result of collision with the stick as well as the instability of performance due to varying horizontal dimension of the stick from the swimmer and the difference between coach to another.

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