Virtual symposium on some computer applications used for teaching math

The department of mathematics, in collaboration with Ibn Sina unit for e-learning and the continuing education unit at the college of science organized a virtual symposium entitled “Computer applications used for teaching mathematics” given by Dr. Dalia Khaled Bahlul, Dr. Saad Mohammed Ali , Dr. Saimaa Abdul Sattar and Dr. Ali Abd Obeid, with the participation of a number of students, professors and programmers from inside and outside the college. The symposium aimed to detect some computer apps that provide advanced mathematical processing that might not sometimes be available in ready-made online libraries, such as accounting & artificial intelligence apps or games, in addition to identifying some computer skills that tutors should master, especially when teaching mathematics to keep up with the latest developments underway in various computational and logical processes.

The lecturers gave an overview on the use of computer technology in higher education for its positive effects on the quality of learning in the country, which is one of the most important requirements and challenges posed at the present time, including the use of computers in the educational process when teaching mathematics, in order to help learners comprehend calculations and geometry via the use of LaTeX software system for document preparation and Desmos Graphing Calculator app which are very useful free tools available on the web. They concluded that these apps should be included in the academic curriculum of department of mathematics and other related departments because of their positive effects on raising the student’s understanding of this discipline.

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