With the intensive efforts of His Excellency the minister of higher education and scientific research, the University of Baghdad has been excluded recently from the paragraph 2 of Cabinet Resolution No. 175, 2019 to hold the property of its lands officially from the Investment Authority. This achievement came in accordance with the fruitful initiatives exerted by His Excellency the minister of higher education Prof. Dr. Nabil Kazem Abdel Sahib after adopting the issue of excluding the lands of the University of Baghdad from the resolution of the Council of Ministers which authorized the Investment Authority previously to benefit from state-owned lands and turn them into investment complexes.

Prof. Dr. Munir Hamid al-Saadi, rector of the University of Baghdad has extended his thanks and appreciation to His Excellency for his cooperation and support for the university and its rights in accordance with legal and administrative controls. It is noteworthy that the department of legal affairs and the governmental contracts division at the presidency of the University of Baghdad and under the direct supervision of Dr. Munir al-Saadi, have addressed the ministry of higher education and other relevant departments to regain the ownership of its lands exclusively for establishing various future projects, also in implementation of the vision of the ministry for undertaking its educational and service projects.

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