The department of biology, in cooperation with Ibn Sina unit for e-learning and the continuing education unit at the college of science organized a virtual scientific lecture entitled “Medical and Industrial Applications of Plasma” with the participation of a number of students and those concerned with medical, industrial and physical affairs.

The lecture was given by Assist. Prof Dr. Sabah Mahdi Hadi with the aim to introduce the nature of plasma as the fourth state of matter, especially for postgraduate students and those working in medical and biological fields and how to benefit from the manufactured plasma systems in therapeutic applications, as well as their advantages in killing microorganisms, healing wounds and dental treatments. The lecture included an examination of radiation treatment such as water purification and plant growth, volumetric treatment as in liquefied gas and waste treatment, chemical treatment used for the deposition of diamond chips, ceramic powder, preservation of vegetables and fruits, light sources such as high intensity discharge lamps, low-pressure sodium-vapor lamps, in addition to their use in medicine in surface treatment, sterilization of medical instruments and others.

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