Baghdad University Council resolutions – 9th session (2017)

Baghdad University Council resolutions – 9th session (2017)

Ninth session

Directives of His Excellency the minister at the 1st meeting of the Opinion Body held on 2/2/2017:


1. His Excellency the minister expressed his thanks for the efforts exerted during the recent university appointments.

2. His Excellency the minister directed to construct the unfinished buildings by (80%) by the fund and the parallel education fees.

3. His Excellency the minister directed to organize an inter-university competition to select a smart university based on e-programs and electronic governance (management, stores, lectures, CVS, postgraduate studies, books, etc.).

4. University afforestation and follow-up with the ministry of agriculture in accordance with approved administrative contexts.

5. Use of the word of Iraq instead of country.

6. The importance of security clearance offices and access to security clearances for staff in the liberated areas is indicated by His Excellency.

7. Obtain security clearance approvals in the case of mission outside Iraq for more than a month.

8. His Excellency the minister directed the technical universities and colleges to be involved in workshops and support of modern technologies in solar energy and others.


Directives of president of the council:

1. Informing professors in all university formations on the names of scientific journals accredited for publication in accordance with the resolutions of the University Council through the publication of them in the bulletin.

2. Direct Associate Rector for scientific affairs to make a statistical study on journals accredited for publication in each university formation.

3. Writing the title of a research in the scientific promotion form as written in the published journal.

4. Direct the deaneries of all faculties to form a committee called the Intellectual Safety Committee for reading any theses that contain political or religious subjects before discussion to show that the thesis topic is purely scientific and is not related to any political or religious subject.

5. The council was informed of the Ministerial Order, No. (7/5/103) on 8/1/2017 which includes the penalty for a reprimand of teaching staff at University of Fallujah for contravention of behavior and that the legal proceedings will be applied against offenders.

6. Direct the deaneries of all faculties to preserve the confidentiality and non-circulation of formal books transmitted to them for the public interest.


Scientific journals accredited for publication for the purpose of scientific promotions:

The council considered the notes by the Scientific Affairs Department, No. (89, 99 and 101) on 19 and 22/1/2017 and its annexed table on the recommendation of the Scientific Affairs Department for scientific journals in accordance with the criteria adopted by its book, (5166) on 3/11/2016 for approval by the University Council and after discussion, the council adopted the following resolution:



Approve of the adoption of the following journals for the purpose of scientific promotion:

1. Journal of Veterinary Medicine and animal health.

2. Journal of advanced Laboratory Research in biology.

3. The Journal of American Science.

4. Journal of Agricultural and Veterinary science.

5. Global Journal of Bio-science and Bio-technology.

6. Advances in Microbiology.

7. International Review of Physics.

8. Scientific Journal of Physical Education and Sports Science.

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