Mutual cooperation between the college of education for humanities and the national security advisory

The college of education for humanities (Ibn Rushd) has organized recently a seminar for the higher diploma postgraduate students in accordance with an agreement concluded with the National Security Advisory to address several matters required when writing their theses. The two parties stressed that all research proposals should provide solutions to security, military and social problems faced in the country by investing the psychological aspect and they should meet the real need of the Iraqi community and our academic institutions.

The seminar was held in accordance with the directives of the rector of the University of Baghdad, Prof. Dr. Munir Hamid al-Saadi towards an overall integration and cooperation with various state institutions and it was attended by the dean of the college, Prof. Dr. Allawi Sader Jazie and the advisor for strategic affairs Mr. Saeed al-Jayashi and his assistant Mr. Ahmed al-Tamimi, as well as the college’s representative to the National Security Advisory, Prof. Dr. Dawood Abdul Salam Sabri.

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