Prof. Dr. Aliaa Saad Abdul Rahman, a lecturer from the department of home economics at the college of education for women held a virtual presentation in the workshop entitled “Chemical corruption in canned food” in coordination with the continuing education unit via Google Meet service. The workshop aimed to highlight the types of chemical corruption in canned food and to identify the method of preserving food after being processed and sealed in airtight containers as well as its potential hazards since it is often thought to be less nutritious than fresh or frozen foods.

The lecturer then introduced the requirements for the human safety with a reference to the chemical, physical and biological risks that may cause to consumers, including the internal corrosion in food cans that is characterized by metallic dissolution which is an electrochemical reaction, in addition to the change of the color of canned food, emission of hydrogen, bloating, rusting, perforation, defects of the welding area and the expiration date.

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