Prospects of joint partnership with the ministry of culture and antiquities

Assist. Prof. Khaleda Hamed Tiskam from the department of English language at the college of education for women met recently His Excellency the minister of culture, tourism and antiquities Dr. Nazim Haidar as part of opening prospects of mutual cooperation with state institutions in the service of our community. The aim of this meeting is to strengthen the role of translation, publishing research played by translators, especially after the initiative called “TRAAJIM” launched by the ministry of culture in cooperation with the Union of Iraqi Writers for the sake of translating 100 foreign books dealing with Iraqi affairs.

The minister of culture stated that the ministry seeks to establish an Iraqi-Arab cultural project through translation for reflecting a bright image of the new Iraq, both culturally and politically, confirming that translation aims to create trends of avoiding adversity and conflicts, in addition to its contribution in the announcement of local cultural festivals, their feasibility, creativity awards, honoring leading intellectuals, publication of literary books to enhance the Iraqi cultural reality. It is noteworthy that the University of Baghdad has various cooperation initiatives with various ministries, government & private institutions within the framework of exchanging scientific expertise and refining practical skills in the labor market.

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