Symposium on the training challenges under the Covid-19 pandemic

Dr. Safad Hussam al-Shammari, a professor from the department of public relations at the college of media has participated recently in an academic symposium on the (training challenges under the Corona pandemic) sponsored by the center for continuing education with a research paper entitled “The effectiveness of electronic training and the level of digital skills”. Dr. Safad al-Shammari reviewed the current electronic training technologies and procedures that are globally used at present via internet that can be taught to students remotely, where different knowledge and experiences can be exchanged through smart devices.

Then he introduced a number of electronic training patterns adopted in Iraq and the problems or obstacles facing this process since the trainers themselves might not be familiar with the use of digital content to accommodate the training curriculum and they might not have an appropriate level of digital skills in many cases, especially those whose digital skills have not been trained or developed in accordance with the requirements of digital transformation worldwide, so there is an urgent need for suggesting strategies to develop the digital skills of trainers themselves at the Iraqi universities in a way that can achieve the highest level of scientific output.

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