Professor from the college of Islamic sciences participates in a scientific conference in USA

Assist. Prof. Dr. Emad Alwan Hussein, a professor at the department of Arabic language at the college of Islamic sciences has participated recently in the proceedings of the first virtual conference of the Arabic language held at the Islamic University of Minnesota in USA under the slogan “Our language is our identity” with a research paper entitled “linguistic competence and its relation to grammatical correction in the linguistic heritage and generative linguistics”.

Dr. Emad Alwan conducted a contemporary linguistic study of the concept of linguistic heritage that represents authenticity and which is considered as an extension to modernity. He explained that the speakers of the Arabic language use their stored mental abilities to know the right grammatical rules in speech to compose expressions in a straight and acceptable way without any effort and this concept is referred to in the generative linguistics as the linguistic competence. At the conclusion of the conference, the organizing committee honored Dr. Emad Alwan with a certificate of appreciation for his outstanding scientific participation.

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