Professor from Al-Kindy college of medicine participates in a conference of the Department of Health in Baghdad

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Jalal, dean of Al-Kindy college of medicine has participated in the proceedings of the 8th scientific conference of the Department of Health in Baghdad/Rusafa held at Ishtar Hotel in the presence of a number of faculty members who chaired the sessions and presented some research papers. During the opening session, Dr. Abdul Ghani Al-Saadi, the director of the Department of Health honored the dean with the shield of excellence for his support and continuous cooperation with the department’s hospitals.

Then the assistant dean for administrative affairs Prof. Dr. Mohammed Shihab al-Aidani presented a research entitled (Impact of metformin & serratiopeptidase in obese patients with knee osteoarthritis) and the head of the pediatric branch at the college, Assist. Prof. Dr. Haidar Hadi al-Musawi also delivered a paper on (TB versus COVID 19 mortality: a new evidence) in an initiative to reflect the extent of mutual cooperation between the two sides for the common good.

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