Rector of the University of Baghdad visits the colleges of medicine and dentistry

Prof. Dr. Munir Hamid al-Saadi, rector of the University of Baghdad visited the colleges of medicine and dentistry to keep abreast with the reality of study and the procedures adopted for registering new students at the onset of the current academic year (2020-2021). He was first received by the dean of the college of dentistry Prof. Dr. Raghad Abdul Razzaq al-Hashimi where they inspected the medical clinics, expressing absolute appreciation for the great and distinctive efforts exerted by the deanship to promote the scientific and administrative fields and the quality of services provided for staff and students.

Dr. Munir al-Saadi also stressed the need to complete the registration of students according to the prescribed plans and to overcome all difficulties in this regard. Then the rector visited the college of medicine and was received by the dean Prof. Dr. Ali Kamel al-Shalji, made a tour among its corridors and scientific departments, explaining the need to pay attention to social divergence and commitment to health and preventive measures in addition to the rehabilitation and sterilization of classrooms in preparation for receiving students of the first stage and to provide a healthy educational atmosphere in the college.

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