Director of the Government Contracts Division participates in a workshop for justice specialists

The director of the government contracts division at the University of Baghdad and the lecturer at the Judicial Institute, Dr. Sabah Sami Dawood, has participated recently a workshop entitled (Exchange of experiences and the best practices adopted by the justice sector in the Arab region towards the victims of gender-based violence) held in Erbil. The participants discussed the challenges and difficulties faced by female workers in judicial institutions with case studies of the circumstances encountered by the suppressed victims.

Dr. Sabah Sami delivered a lecture on “violence against women in the Iraqi society” in which she reviewed various statistical data, finding that the problem of violence against women in Iraq is not just a contemporary issue, but a phenomenon with historical significance that has been accompanied by a number of variables and issues that have affected the structure of Iraqi society. She even gave a number of recommendations, including the urgent need to legislate a Family Violence Protection Act as in Kurdistan upon a condition that such a law should involves the necessary legal guarantees such as confidentiality, legal aid and counsel-delegate.

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