Lecture on the epidemiology and control of bovine tuberculosis

The joint disease research unit and the continuing education unit at the college of veterinary medicine, in collaboration with the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (TPH) at the University of Basel held its third virtual lecture on “the epidemiology and control of bovine tuberculosis: from the one health perspective” delivered by Prof. Dr. Jakob Zinsstag from the University of Basel, Prof. Dr. Mouloud Abbas Ali Al-Ghribaoui and Lecturer Dr. Sarhid Saad al-Najjar from the University of Baghdad.

The profesors aimed to emphasize the close link between human health, animal & environmental health when addressing the major challenges to global health security, namely the spread of many common diseases, including bovine tuberculosis that may be transmitted to people dealing with infected animals such as veterinarians, farmers and butchers, as well as people who eat the products of these animals.

The participants called for concerted efforts towards dealing with this disease effectively and the need for applying the concept of one health in society as a collaborative, multi-sector and multidisciplinary approach that works at local, national, regional and even global levels. The lecturers stressed that achieving this goal requires the activation of joint cooperation between the ministries concerned with controlling diseases, in addition to establishing common foundations and legislation to contribute to reducing the spread of epidemics among human beings.

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