Virtual workshop on the experience of e-learning among outstanding students

The department of computer science in collaboration with Ibn Sina and continuing education units at the college of science held a virtual workshop on “Student Guidance” with the participation of a number of professors and members of student guidance and e-learning committees. The workshop aimed to identify the role of mentors in overcoming the obstacles of e-learning and the difficulties faced by students to find necessary solutions towards providing psychological and pedagogical counseling in preparation for tests and to enhance students’ awareness of the importance of electronic attendance in virtual classes and the impact of absence on their overall educational achievement.

The workshop was carried out through Google Meet video-communication service, including a review of the experiences and capabilities of the top outstanding students in e-learning during the last academic year who have passed online examinations and the personal characteristics that helped them in overcoming stress and fear, as well as discussing the role of guidance as one of the essential tools of critical thinking, dialogue communication, cooperation, organized leadership, innovation and creative thinking at the present time, with the aim of activating student-professor relationship during the conditions of social distancing.

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