The department of biotechnology in collaboration with the continuing education unit at the college of science at the University of Baghdad organized a virtual scientific lecture on “the dangers of using contact lenses” in the presence of a number of students, professors and those concerned with eye therapies. The lecture was delivered by Assist. Prof. Dr. Aieda Hussein Ibrahim who introduced contact lenses which are substitute for glasses in correcting vision defects for those who suffer from high degrees of myopia. Also she addressed the widespread use of contact lenses due to their light weight and lack of appearance on the eye, so they became highly preferred among people at present.

Dr. Aieda Hussein discussed the attractiveness of these lenses and the fact that they are not affected by moisture, especially for athletes and in keratoconus treatment. Then the lecturer talked about the risks involved in wearing lenses, including scars in the cornea and ulcers that can develop a serious bacterial infection leading to the loss of sight and some complications such as eye inflammation, dryness and increased lack of oxygen and others.

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