Dr. Ali Helw Hawas, a professor at the college of education (Ibn Rushd) for humanities has participated recently in an online symposium on “updating the Arabic language and its future” organized by the college of education at Wasit University within the cultural salon of the Arabic language department. This event witnessed also the participation of Prof. Mohammed Al-Sharekh, the Kuwaiti chairman of the SAKHR Software Company who has introduced the Arabic language into computers and technology in 1982 as one of his Al-Alamiah group companies which has developed technologies for the Arabic IT industry and took upon itself the mission of making researches and development projects for two decades in order to adapt the computer and communication techniques in the Arab world.

The participants discussed ways to develop the Arabic language in global digital content in cooperation with experts from universities and centers specialized in artificial intelligence and electronic dictionaries to pursue the development and terminology that the world is facing at the present time.

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