University of Baghdad Patents 2012

No.CollegeTitleNo. of PatentDateResearcher
1AgricultureMechanical Device for Measuring the depth of Ploughing33832012Prof.Dr. Abdulrahman Ayyoub Al-Sabag and Dr.Naseer Salman Kadhim

2AgricultureDesigning, manufacturing and testing a device used to measure sarcomere length for myofibrillar of different meat34412012Prof.Dr.Abdulrazaaq Abdullatif Jassim/ Prof.Dr.Ameera Mohammad Salih/ Assi.Prof.Dr.Mudh-afar Kareem Abdullah
3NursingMeasuring guide for stoma34782012Mr.Muhsan Qamar Muhsan/ InstructorDr.Khitam Mutshar Hatab/ Mr.Hamid Qamar Muhsan/Private sector
4DentistryBearer of guide bracket34922012Instructor .Yasir Ridha Abdul Hussein/ Miss Iman Radha Abdulhuseein/Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research
5Ibn Al-Haitham College of Education of Pure SciencePreparing Fixitives for Ultravoilet rays derived from bases of PVC34482012Assi.Prof.Dr.Imad Abdulhussein Yousif/Science College /Al-Nahrain/ InstructorDr.Ahmed Abdulrazaq Ahmed/Science College /Al-Nahrain/Prof.Dr.Muhanad Jadmeel Mahmood
6Ibn-Al-Haitham College of Education of Pure ScienceSynthesis of new surfactant compounds acts as corrosion inhibitors for low carbon steel34992012Zaidon Khalaf Kraimed/Ministry of Oil/ Azhar Abdulsattar Sharief/Ministry of Oil/ Dr.ZakariaHadi Ayoub /Abn-Al-Haitham /Baghdad University/ Dhakra Shahab Ahmed/Ministry of Oil/ Prof.Dr.Jiwad Kadhim Hamad/Abn-AlHaitham/Baghdad University/ Ula Salih Jabir/Ministry of Oil
7College of Education for WomenApplying Digital Decimal System to nominate female sizes35932012Assit Teacher.Shaimaa' Khalil Fdheel/Assist.Prof.Bushra Fhadhil Salih
8AgricultureUsing Arginine to improve the reproduction capacity of male & female turkey33662012Dr.Hazim Jabar Al-Daraji/ Agriculture college/Mohmmad Alaa’ Atiya Al-Bayar/Agriculture College/Anbar University
9AgricultureThe first operation of collecting semen & artificial insemination of ducks & goose in Iraq33672012Dr.Hazim Jabar Al-Daraji/ Agriculture college/Husham Ahmed Salih/ Waleed Khalid Latif/ Agriculture college
10EngineeringEarthen water purifications33732012Dr.Sana’ Abdulrazaq Jasim/Institute of technical Teaching /Babil/Dr.Riyadh Zuhair Juwai’d/Engineering college /Dr.Habeeb Rasheed Habeeb/Science college
11Agriculture33762012Dr.Hameed Abood Jabir/Dr.Mohammad Omar Muhialdeen /Agriculture college/Dr.Basil Kamil Dalali/Ministry of Agriculture
12AgricultureUsing semen combustibility of ovular as a new means of genetic prediction ,semen features, fertility features,hatching and tissue features in chickens for the first time in the world33822012Dr.Hazim Jabar Al-Daraji/ Agriculture college /Dr.Abduljabar Abdulkareem Abduljabar/Agriculture college/Anbar University/Dr.Mohammad Fawzi Abdulghani/ Agriculture college/Anbar University
13AgricultureUsing a anise oil & seeds to improve the reproductive competence for a different flock of chickens33852012Dr.Hazim Jabar Al-Daraji/ Agriculture college/Husham Ahmed Salih/ Waleed Khalid Latif/ Agriculture college/Dr.Basil Mohammad Ibraheem/Agriculture college
14AgricultureUsing new techniques to collect semen artificial insemination in quails33962012Prof.Dr.Hazim Jabar Shah Ali/ Husham Ahmed Salih/ Waleed Khalid Abdullatif/Humam Ali.Mirza/Agriculture College
15AgricultureUsing Nature anti-oxidation to control & restrain the phenomenon of oil & fat during storing the semen of birds male33972012Prof.Dr.Hazim Jabar Shah Ali Al-Daraji/Dr.Iyad Shihab Ahmed/Dr. Hatim Hasoon Salih/ Waleed Khalid Abdullatif/Agriculture College
16ScienceFine photometer
Ayah -SX3-3D-Solar3
34242012Prof. Dr.Isam Mohammad Ali Shakir Al-Hashmi/Prof Dr.Nagham Shakir Turky Al-Awadi/Science College
17Veterinary MedicineBacteria technique to produce phospho-biotic manure & some of other elements from phosphate bedrock34362012Prof. Dr.Hasan Ali Abdulradha/Prof.Dr. Mohammad Omar Mohialdeen/Prof.Dr.Idham Ali Abid/Prof.Dr.Sabri Mohammad Hussein Al-Marsoomi/Anbar University
18AgricultureInventing new technique which is an alternative to microscope (type,screen visopan microscope) to perform tissues tests & evaluate the volume density ,atomic weight to the component of tissues.34402012Prof. Dr. Hazim Jabar Shah Ali Al-Daraji/Prof.Dr.Mohammad Ali Ishaaq/Husam Jasim Hussein /Agriculture College
19ScienceEstimatingmetaformin bysingle water crystal
containing binary copper ion and by
using the spectral measuring system
Linked bybinary wavelength of 530 and 550 nm of the formed complex
34492012Prof. Dr. Isam Mohammad Ali Shakir Al-Hashmi/Prof Dr. Nagham Shakir Turky Al-Awadi/Science College
20ScienceChemo-radiatedcell for a single water crystal bead34532012Prof. Dr. Isam Mohammad Ali Shakir Al-Hashmi/Prof Dr. Nagham Shakir Turky Al-Awadi/ Mr.Hasan Noori Muhsan/Science College
21EngineeringRemove cadmium from contaminated water by using electrochemical deposition by usingpack of stainless steel tubes34722012Prof.Dr.Abbas Hameed Slemoon/Engineering College/Prof.Dr.Adel Obaid Shareef/Dr.Thana’ Kamil Abduljabar /Private sector
22Scienceayah 3sx3p-3D-solar photometer34892012Prof.Dr.Isam Mohammad Ali Shakir Al-Hashmi/Prof Dr. Nagham Shakir Turky Al-Awadi/Science College/ Instructor Dr,Aktham Nsaif Jasim Abbas/Al-Mustanssirriya University /Essential Education College
23ScienceChemo-radiatedreaction to the phenomenon of osmosis to the surface of the solid liquid -
Allomainal - hydrogen peroxide
on the surface of the water crystal containing ion cobalt (ll)
34902012Prof.Dr.Isam Mohammad Ali Shakir Al-Hashmi/Mr. Hasan Nouri Muhsan /Science College
24ScienceDesigningand manufacturing magnetic atomization system ofcylindrical dimensions34972012Instructor Dr. Qusai Adnan Abbas/Prof.Dr.Baha’ Tuma Jiyad/Assist. Prof. Dr. Rahman Rustum Abdullah
25ScienceSpin coating system34632012Prof. Dr. Bahaa’ Tu’ma Jiyad /Assist Prof Wisam Abidali Twaige/Assist.Teacher Sarmad Salih Mahdi Al-Awadi/Science college