Mechanical Device for Measuring the depth of Ploughing

Mechanical Device for Measuring the depth of   Ploughing

Prof .Dr. Abdulrahman Ayyoub Al-Sabagh
Dr. Naseer Salman Kadhim


To determine the efficiency of the work of the plough the depth of ploughing must be known precisely, where the depth has a direct impact at the expense of the tensile strength of the plough and then fuel consumption, so it was very important to know the degree of regularity of the depth of the plough. Therefore, a mechanical device has been manufactured which is attached to the frame of the plough and works to measure the depth of ploughing at any point where the measure of the depth of ploughing in the field is required. The device has been tested in the fields of the college of Agriculture / University of Baghdad. Three speeds are chosen  1.2 and 3 km / h and ten readings of depth in all the speeds and for a  distance of 50 meters have been taken  The plough is organized in  advance at a depth of 150 mm according to the usual way The  readings of  each speed have been taken, where the average depth of the first speed 153, 75 mm of (h) and the error rate in the depth of ploughing is 2 % , the for the second speed the average depth 154.25 mm and the error rate is 2% , while the average depth of the third speed is 150.25 mm and the error rate is 0.1 % .The  results have been  analyzed statistically where  significant differences between the levels of speed at the 5 % level appeared . This is considered a very important device that helps agriculture field workers and students, especially postgraduate students on the accuracy and readability of the depth of ploughing and the speed of taking readings without trouble.

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