Measuring guide for stoma

Measuring guide for stoma

Mr.Muhsan Qamar Muhsan

InstructorDr.Khitam Mutshar Hatab

Mr.Hamid Qamar Muhsan/Private sector


This tool consist of rings circular have diametric that linked every ring with axial arm for circulating and these axial arm connect with one axial,  also there’s simple embossment like rectangle  written above it the measure of this ring and its easily s to discover measure and pullet and lead to select correct ring and correct measurement than add some change to become measurement tools general purpose in our field this change included small light handle and measurement rule for easily using.


This tools easily using for any body in hospital or home which help the patient by himself or by one of parent or specialties to get the correct measure for stoma for many time and without complexity.


1- Small size and weight.
2- Clear measurement for any person.
3- Use for more than one time.
4- Can easily sterilization.
5- Flexible (not able to fracture).
6- Including the measure rule.
7- Adding with light that help good exam.
8- Easily each ring mush return to its places because it kept by covering to protect from damaging.

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