University of Baghdad Patents 2011

No.CollegeTitleNo. of PatentDateResearcher
1AgricultureLocally Prepared Synbiotic  and used it as early feeding to improve the productive performance for broiler chickens33282011Saa'd abdulhuseein Naji

Mahboba Abdulghani Mustafa
Ribeen Aswad Mirza
2ScienceDesigning & manufacturing the sensor (ZNO) of nanometric crystallized structure that prepared by means of Precipitation (sedimentation) by Argon plasma/ oxygen to detect NO2 and O233102011Prof.Dr.Baha’Tuma Jiyad /Dr.Mohammad Khamas Khalaf/Dr.Tha’ir Latif Miz’al/Dr.Abdulhussein
Khudhair Latif/Science colleg
3AgricultureNew method to solidify the semen of domesticated birds.33112011Dr.Hazim Jabar A l-Daraji/ Agriculture college
4AgricultureDesigning & manufacturing a device to measure the mellowness of types of different meat and this device is compared to many sensoring /physical & chemical ways in terms of efficiency

33152011Prof.Dr. Abdul Razaq Abdullatif Jasim/Prof. Dr.Ameera Mohammad Salih/Assist.Prof.Mudhafar Kareem Abdullah/Agriculture college
5Educational and Scientific Research CenterAlgeek acid extracted from pomegranate fat used as mouth wash33332011Assist.Teacher Sa’di Jiwad Muslim/ Educational studies and Scientific Research Centre
6AgricultureUsing new method to collect the semen in artificial insemination33352011Dr.Hazim Jabar Al-Daraji/ Agriculture college/Firas Mizahim Hussein /Ministry of Agriculture/Waleed Khalid Latif /Husham Ahmed Salih/Agriculture college
7AgricultureUsing seeds and water extract of watercress to improve the reproductive characteristics of male & female chicken33362011Dr.Hazim Jabar Al-Daraji/ Agriculture college/ Raad Hatim Razooqi/Ministry of Science and Technology
8AgricultureThe first operation of collecting semen & artificial insemination and evalution of the qualities of semen of chickens33422011Dr.Hazim Jabar Al-Daraji/ Agriculture college/Husham Ahmed Salih/ Waleed Khalid Latif/ Agriculture college
9AgricultureUsing oat power to improve the reproductive performance of chickens33522011Dr. Hazim Jabar Al-Daraji/ Agriculture college/Kordo Ameed Hana Azeez/ Agriculture college
10ScienceManufacturing the brans of wheat and corn to improve the reproduction features33562011Ali Abdul Hussein Al-Sudani/Science college /Dr. Sa’ad Abdulhussein Naji/Dr.Akam Thabit Saeed Al-Rawi/Mohammad Farooq Al-Qazaz/Agriculture College
11AgricultureUsing magnetsized processed water to improve the reproduction & physiological performance33602011Dr. Hazim Jabar Al-Daraji/ Agriculture college/ Dr. Atoof A bdul Raheem Azeez/Agriculture college