Locally Prepared Synbiotic and used it as early feeding to improve the productive performance for broiler chickens

Locally Prepared Synbiotic  and used it as early feeding to improve the productive performance for broiler chickens

Patent Number 3328 in 8 -8 – 2011

SaadA.H.Naji ,         M.A.AMustafa                R.A.Merza


Locally  synbiobic   were prepared by mixing the Iraqi probiotic (IP) with dried and  grinding rots of  Halintheustuberosus as prebiotic which was rich in (NOS) Nonstarcholigosaccharid like (Fus) Fructooligosaccharid  and (Mos) Manna Oligosaccharid . The final product ( synbiotic ) were then used as early feeding for broiler chick in the field  experiment. A total of 240 Cohb500, day old, broiler chicks were randomly allocated  into four treatment groups, 60 were subdevided  into tree replicates . The experiment were lasted for six weeks. The treatment groups were as follows:
 T1= Control group.
 T2= synbiotic  weresprad on the hatching chicks in that trausporting cages as early feeding.
 T3= synbiotic were  sticked on each sides of transporting cages.
 T4=synbiotic were offered to chicks with diet at the arrival to the farm.
The data showed that early feed for the broiler chichs by sticking the synbiotic on transporting cage side (T3) were significuntly  (P ≤ 0.05) improved live body weight at marketing age. Chicks in ( T3 ) had the highest body weight  throughout  the experimental period which was lasting for six weeks . There were no significant differences between T1 , T2 , and T4 in body weight throughout of the experimental peried . chicks in T2 ,T3 , and T4 seemed to consumed less fed and had better feed conversion when comparied  with control group (T1), but all these differences were not statically significant. Treatments had  no a significant effect on production index and mortality ratio. It was concluded that the early feeding of broiler chicks by sticking the synbiotic on the transporting cage were improved broiler performance.

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