The four pillars of higher education are: teaching staff, student, curricula and necessary educational supplies (e.g. buildings, laboratories and libraries, etc.), so that introduction of any new college or scientific department requires good preparation by providing all physical and human requirements so that the unplanned introduction would not be a burden. The following issues should be taken into account when initiating the introduction as follows:

The need for each university has its specializations so that universities would not be a transcript of each other and it is necessary that universities seek to introduce new scientific specializations not existed in the country.
Requests for introduction are submitted in accordance with a five – year plan, including the financial budget for the introduction of colleges and scientific departments in line with the real need of community, governmental institutions, need of labor market in the concerned province for the scientific specializations to be introduced taking into account the optimal size of the universities.
Interest in scientific, technical and administrative specializations of clear impact in the service and development of community.
Secure world standard ratios in each department regarding:
. Dormitories/student
The staff of the introduced college is considered as temporary and a college or a department is evaluated after a full school year and its students are subjected to a centralized appraisal test conducted with one of the corresponding colleges or departments at a sober university.
Consideration of introduction of a college before a full school year where agreement is conditional on completion of the requirements of introduction in accordance with the following conditions:
1/3 is the deadline for consideration of requests for introduction to allow the department of studies, planning and follow-up to prepare and complete procedures for setting up student’s guide to apply for Iraqi universities.
Introduction of a college with at least two scientific departments that meet all conditions and regulations and not consider any proposal to introduce any college that does not meet this condition.
University or board president bears full responsibility for the accuracy and correctness of the information implied in the studies submitted for introduction of departments or colleges.
Terms for introduction of colleges and departments in universities and board of technical education:

Terms for introduction of colleges, universities or board:
Introduction of college with two scientific departments in minimum for colleges consisted of departments.
The following controls and terms are applied for introduction of every scientific department:
Availability of faculty members in permanent staffing in the specialization to be developed, at least (4) PhDs, two of which with the title of assistant professor at least, according to the adopted equations under the order of the legal and administrative section , no. 6948, dated 3/4/2006, as follows:
X + y – z
Staff assumed = _________   * n     for humanitarian departments
20 x

X + y – z
Staff assumed = _________* n       for pure and applied scientific departments
10 x


X = total hours in department

Y = total hours of study in department of other faculties and departments

N = total number of students in department

Taking into account rare scientific specializations that represent a real need for its introduction, by forming a competent scientific committee from the department of research, planning and follow-up and specialized from in the relevant scientific specialization of department to be introduced that submits a detailed report about its point of view of the action required.

Allocation of adequate building within the university real estate and in case of allocation from other ministry or from the province in which the university is located, the university should submit an official confirmation within the presented introduction study.
Allocated building should be fit within university complex and not to allow endorsement of introduction of a department or a college in buildings where there is no minimum conditions such as buildings of schools or high schools that are built to serve non-university students inconsistent with university environment and does not take into account the psychological status of the university student.
Provision of department laboratories supplied with equipment and laboratory materials, in consistence with the nature of the introduced college, in the presence of at least two scientific laboratories for each department in the college and not to ratify scientific departments that do not meet this term.
Provision of other requirements represented by office and teaching furniture and use of modern technologies in teaching.
Preparation of sober adopted curricula worldwide approved by discreet competent committee of deans of the specialization to be introduced.
Study prepared for this purpose is sent to the department of research, planning and follow-up / ministry center, including the physical and human requirements mentioned above in addition to the actual for introduction, its objectives and description of the graduate.
Department of studies, planning and follow-up would study and analyze the submitted studies for introduction of colleges and it submit their view for the minister’s approval in principle for introduction in case of availability of physical and human requirements.
A committee of the department of studies, planning and follow-up conducts on-site examination to ensure the presence of the necessary requirements for introduction and prepares a report thereon, the university is not allowed to change the location of the building for the college to be introduced after conducting the above examination, only after the ministry approval.
In the light of the report referred to in paragraph (I), final approval of the minister of the introduction is obtained, and 31/3 of every year is the deadline for informing the college or the board.
A periodic evaluation of the colleges introduced till the graduation of the first session at the college in terms of availability of physical and human requirements, actual need of specialization and labor market.

Terms for introduction of the scientific department in colleges/universities:
The same terms mentioned in (I) of paragraphs (a-k) are valid for introduction of a scientific department.

Terms for introduction of a scientific department in technical institutes/board of technical education.
Availability of faculty members in permanent staffing and in specific specialization, at least (4) PhDs, with the title of teacher at least.
Completion of introduction requirements according to paragraphs mentioned in (I), (b-k) of the controls and terms above.