A researcher from the college of medicine at the university of Baghdad gets the first place in bioinformatics in Turkey

The college of medicine at the university of Baghdad held a scientific symposium on the importance of  medical bioinformatics as a modern science in the field of modern science. Prof. Dr. Hadaf Zafer al-Yassin gave a lecture entitled “the concept of medical bioinformatics” about the meaning of this new scientific term that deals with different subjects in medicine, bio-chemical and biological fields. The researcher reviewed a number of applications for this term like the translation of proteins into musical notes as a new scientific and artistic way by which any imbalance in the series of these proteins can be inferred that cause a dysfunction in patients. This lecture came as a result of dispatch of this Dr. to Turkey and her participation in this intensive course in this field at Yildiz technical university and participation in the scientific world conference followed this course. She chaired one of the conference sessions and submitted her research in her lecture. Dr. Hadaf Zafer has got the first place in the session held and she was honored for this scientific excellence.

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