Publishing a scientific research of instructors of Baghdad university in one global journal on wastewater

One of the global journals having the impact factor published a research of a group of instructors of the college of engineering in the university of Baghdad for its importance and sobriety in the field of specialization . The assistant professor dr. Ahmed Abid Muhammad, the assistant professor dr. Shahlaa Ismail Ibrahim and the instructor dr. Abeer Ibrahim Musa published their research entitled ( flotation and sorptive – flotation methods for removal of lead ions from wastewater using (SDS) as surfactant and barley husk as biosorbent ) in the ( journal of chemistry ) considered as one of the sober and global journals having the impact factor . The research aims at removing lead ions from wastewater and simulation by using the technique of flotation and sorptive – flotation . The research was achieved by using sodium dodecyl sulfate ( SDS) and barley husks in the reactors of remittent impulsion . The experiments were carried out to study the impact of different standards like hydrogen number, the concentration of primary lead ions, flow rates and (SDS) concentration . The results showed that the efficiency of removal enhanced to about (10%) when using sorptive – flotation compared with using only flotation in the same circumstances .

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