The college of engineering in Baghdad university inaugurates the joint training center for communication with the global company ( Huawei )

The college of engineering in Baghdad university inaugurated the joint training center for communications with the global chinese company ( Huawei ) in the first training course that the chinese embassy opens in Baghdad with participation of the aforementioned company . This center is considered the largest  training center in middle east supplied by the company with the latest equipments and devices, training specialized cadres from the instructors of the colleges in China for managing it . This center is considered as a national achievement for the services presented for students and researchers in postgraduate studies giving space for training the cadres in state departments in communication field . The center will serve all communications sectors in different ministries such as communication, defense , interior, adding practical experiences for trainees in communication field both students and researchers, besides granting them global certificate in communication from Huawei . It is worth mentioning that this company is the only supplier for all communication companies in Iraq and it will provide m.a and ph.d scholarships in Huawei university in communication . A number of ph.d instructors were selected for training in China and giving lectures in the center after interviewing them in Huawei university .

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