Instructor from the university of Baghdad participates in liberAsia 2013 conference in Japan

The instructor Muntaha Abdul Karim the director of media and information unit in the development and continuous education center in Baghdad university participated in the international conference (liberAsia 2013) held recently in Osaka in Japan with a research entitled ( the Iraqi digital libraries : problems and solutions according to a future vision towards the electronic community ) . The research refereed to the nature of participation and the aim of the research studying the reality of libraries of all the colleges of Baghdad university and the technical systems used and services they offer to researchers besides the solutions required .
Also the research implied some suggestions and appropriate solutions in choosing technical systems by taking benefit from the experiences of the global university libraries in addition to presenting models of digital libraries in Arab and global universities that proved successful in dealing with the available resources in these libraries .
By giving recommendations the researcher emphasized on the necessity of combining the technical systems all over the libraries of Baghdad university and diversification of technical services offered to researchers and students with different scientific and human specializations .

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