Georgian university grants certificate of appreciation to ph.d. student in the college of languages at Baghdad university : the university information / Kadhim Omran


The Georgian governmental university of Akaki Tsereteli granted a certificate of appreciation to the ph.d. student Hazim Muhamad Hussein,the assistant professsor in the department of Turkish language in the college of languages at Baghdad university for his participation with a research entitled ( the political thoughts of the poet Nadhim Hikmat ) in the second international scientific conference held at Georgia under the motto ” language and culture ” . Also he obtained a credit for participation in a seminar held at Kutaisi library in Georgia with a research entitled ( the age – old relationship between the Iraqi poet Abdul – Wahab al – Bayati and the global Turkish culturer Nadhim Hikmat ) . It aimed at studying the political intellectual implications of Nadhim Hikmat ‘s poetry and his role in implementing these thoughts in defending his country and adhering the oppressed and the poor from the laboring class . This research presents an analysis of his poetry and studying his influence on the Turkish society from one side and his role in developing the Turkish literature from the other side . The poet is one of the poets who created one of the most important revolutions and coups on the contemporary Turkish poetry that is the renewal movement in the artistic domain called ” free kokosh ” or ” free rhythm .

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