Al-Adeeb, during the first conference of the students returning from missions and fellowships, saying “the scholarship program is the main pillar to bridge the scientific gap with the developed societies”

His excellency the minister of higher education and scientific research professor Ali al-Adeeb stated that the scholarship program adopted by the ministry during the past three years will be the main pillar to rebuild the educational sector and bring it back to its former position, bridging the scientific gap between Iraq and developed countries. Al-Adeeb said that while attending the first conference for graduates of scholarship programs organized by the department of missions and cultural relations and hosted by the university of Baghdad. He added that while the ministry celebrates today with elite students who graduated from global universities, it confirms that Iraq is in a great need for his excellent children to contribute in the reconstruction and achieving a comprehensive developmental renaissance after years of wars and destruction caused by the policies of the former regime that has made Iraq an arena for conflicts with the countries of the world. His excellency the minister of higher education added that the ministry has adopted a policy of openness towards developed world and discreet universities to acquire skills and advanced research methods, to transfer the scientific experiments that would help the scholars in producing and marketing knowledge to meet the needs of the labor market and the requirements of the Iraqi society. Al-Adeeb clarified that there is a major responsibility rests on the scholars to raise their communities, creating achievements, eliminating social diseases that threatens the national unity, cohesion of society and its peaceful coexistence. Al-Adeeb stated that the ministry is ready to stand by the scientific elites, as well as calling them to establish an association of graduated scholars to ensure communication and follow – up to be a mean for the transition to the society of knowledge in Iraq, to be a  center of scientific, cultural and humanitarian radiation. The conference that carried the slogan (Investing minds and transferring knowledge to build a better future) aims at building bridges of communication and follow – up for the graduated students, knowing their needs to transfer the knowledge they gained in the donor countries and making use of them to serve Iraq. The conference was attended by some members of the house of representatives, the president of the university of Baghdad, prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein, a large number of officials of various ministries, universities, deans and department managers at the University of Baghdad, as well as a large gathering of graduated students of scholarships, fellowships.