Holding a Scientific Conference for students of mathematics at Ibn al-Haytham University Media /Kadhim Al-Omran

 The Computer Science Department at the college of Pure Science Education (Ibn al-Haytham) Baghdad University held a festival for environmental awareness with the active participation of students and instructors  in the department.
  This festival included performances and
documentary films  and video reports and gallary of  posters that were distributed in all the halls and laboratories of the department , thay aimed to publicize the harmful effects of environmental pollution and the ways to avoid it  as well as the protection of the environment to keep them clean and healthy.
  The Department of Mathematical Sciences in the college  held the second annual scientific conference for graduate research students in the fourth stage under the slogan (the student the  researcher today .. is an outstanding teacher tomorrow).
  The conference included displaying a scientific film about about the march of mathematics through history and the most important contributions of the Sumerian civilization in mathematics and the impact of Arab scientists in these sciences, and discussing the  researches and interventions and review of the most important observations that would contribute to the society  service and the education
march in the country and keep up with researches and advanced studies at counterpart global universities .