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Scientific cooperation between al-Khwarizmi College of engineering and NASA

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Author: website admin

29/8/2017 12:34 PM

Scientific cooperation between al-Khwarizmi College of engineering and NASA 

Assist. Prof. Yarob Omar Naji, an instructor from the department of mechatronics engineering at al-Khwarizmi College of engineering, University of Baghdad who has gained a scholarship for doctoral studies at George Washington University, USA published his scientific research entitled “Self-regulation feed into sensor chip and ultrasonic communication within structures” in collaboration with NASA Space research Agency during MWSCAS 2017 Conference, IEEE held at Tufts University, Boston, USA. The research addressed the design of self-feeding system in a chip by exploiting the vibration power available in the wings of aircraft to feed an electronic radio transmitter planted inside the wing in specific numbers for early detection of cracks and to send information to the microcontroller center to make what is necessary in such cases. Dean of al-Khwarizmi College of engineering, Prof. Dr. Alaa Karim Mohammed praised the efforts of professors and researchers to reach globalization through their participation in international forums and publishing their research in sober journals with Impact Factor such as Thomson Reuters.


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