Department of Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering Holds a workshop about the reality of hazardous waste in Iraq

Department of Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering Holds a workshop about the reality of hazardous waste in Iraq

  The college of Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering held a workshop entitled (the reality of hazardous waste in Iraq) with the presence of the Scientific Assistant of the president Prof. Dr. Riadh Aziz Hadi. The workshop began by reading a verse from the Glorious Quran and then a welcome speech of Mrs. Head of Environmental Engineering and then an introduction about what hazardous waste are? of Assistant Professor Dr. Zainab Ziad Ismail / Chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the Conference.

  Under the slogan of “an environment free of pollution” sponsored by Mr. Dean, College of Engineering. Dr. Qasim Mohammed Doss, Department of Environmental Engineering held the workshop entitled (the reality of hazardous waste in Iraq) from 12 – 13/11/2012. The Environmental Engineering Department has honoured the presence of Prof. Dr. Riyadh Aziz Hadi assistant president of Baghdad University of Scientific Affairs to the workshop as well as representatives of Mr. Dean of the college of Engineering Dr. Haidar Mohammed Makkiya Associate Dean of Administrative and Financial Affairs and assistant professor Dr. Khalid Adel Abdul razzaq Associate Dean of Student Affairs and the elite of specialists and experienced in the management of hazardous waste from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Oil, Ministry of Industry and Minerals, Al-Nahrain University in addition to the participation of the heads departments ,faculty members ,and postgraduate students ,Department of environmental engineering and other scientific departments relevant to the College of Engineering. The workshop was opened with a welcome speech of attendees and participants in the workshop delivered by assistant professor Dr. Yasmin Abdulaziz, head of environmental engineering, and each of the following has participated in delivering lectures and cover the sessions:

  • Assistant professor Dr. Zainab Ziad Ismail / Environmental Engineering Department / College of Engineering
  • Mohammed Salman / Manager of environment department at the Ministry of Industry and Minerals
  • Assistant professor Dr. Ammar Saleh Abbas / Chemical Engineering Department / College of Engineering
  • Teacher d. Haider Mohammed Hameed / Environmental Engineering Department / College of Engineering
  • Instructor Dr. Nada Mutair Abbas / Department of Chemistry /College of Science
  • Engineer Hiba Mohammed Annon / technical directorate / Ministry of Environment

  The workshop included the following scientific areas:

  • Information about the nature and characteristics of hazardous waste and their sources.
  • Hazardous waste in the industrial sector
  • Oil pollution in Iraq: An Overview of the reality and challenges and the laws in force
  • Radioactive contamination in Iraq
  • Hazardous waste management in hospitals
  • Hazardous waste management in the chemical laboratories.
  • Rules information about pesticides and damaged chemicals in Iraq

  Mr. Assistant president of the University of Academic Affairs praised the subjects of the workshop and suggested to generalize the successful experience on the scientific departments in other colleges. Also the participants praised strongly the themes of lectures which they admire a lot, especially as they’re specialists in this area and have contributed to enrich sessions with extensive debates of the current problems of hazardous waste in Iraq and the need to find safe solutions environmentally to treat them by applying ways of right environmental management to deal with this waste to maintain the environment of our dear Iraq precious of their harmful effects. The workshop achieved its objectives and participants unanimously agreed on the following recommendations:

  • First: Putting a map of the distribution of hazardous waste in Iraq by the competent authorities. Second: activate and update methods of treatment of such wastes in line with modern international standards by the relevant ministries.
  • Third: Choosing the sitting of hazardous waste landfill with the adoption of principles and designs and modern techniques to deal with this waste in elected landfill sites.
  • Fourth: Putting a national program to educate the public about the dangers of hazardous waste and how to deal with it with the inclusion of them in the curriculum.
  • Fifth: supporting the researches of postgraduate students towards the adoption of applied researches in dealing with hazardous waste and in cooperation with the relevant ministries.
  • Sixth: the use of modern technologies such as remote sensing and geographic information system (GIS) and with the help of specialized institutes to detect affected places of hazardous waste.
  • Seventh: Putting environmental and strict legal measures for companies that perform oil extraction in order to commit the modern environmental determinants of air, soil and water, such as the pollution produced in Ahdab field / Wasit province.

  Based on the desire of the participants and the importance and vital topic of hazardous waste the lectures that have been delivered in the workshop will be placed on the website of the College of Engineering soon to be accessible for all.

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