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Faculty of education for women holds its 3rd scientific conference on youth migration

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Author: website admin

16/2/2017 10:28 AM

Faculty of education for women holds its 3rd scientific conference on youth migration

Faculty of education for women at University of Baghdad held its third scientific conference entitled (Iraqi youth migration: struggle for survival and loss) where it addressed a number of topics including youth, migration, development, youth in expelling communities as well as young people and host communities. This academic conference was attended by the representative of the minister of higher education and scientific research, Dr. Musa al-Musawi and two members of Parliament, Rasheed al-Yasiri and Ibrahim al-Rikabi as well as the participation of the Rector of University of Baghdad Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein. The conference highlighted the size and area of international migration of young Iraqis to identify the most important challenges they face in their host communities and access to recommendations in addition to suggestions that serve policy makers and decision makers when addressing the serious consequences of youth migration. For her part, dean of the college of education for women, Prof. Dr. Shoruk Kazim stated in her speech that migration has become a search for a better life and escape from the harsh realities faced by young man for more than a quarter of a century under the universal declaration of human rights. It is worth mentioned that the United Nations estimates indicate that the number of migrants in the world has reached 200 million people that is considered as a loss for immigrant States which is called mind migration, so everybody should be involved in addressing this phenomenon, especially the government and non-government bodies responsible for youth to solve this problem.


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