Media Insight of our university in Progress

Media Insight of our university in Progress

  Technology is in progress and evolve with the development of the era , events and methods are also developed with the progress and evolution of life which are changing day by day .Therefore , the media insight of our university goes with this phrase of changes, which included the areas of science and all knowledge.

  From here the university found the necessity of follwoing a progressive scientific approach that fit these variables and changes in order for our university to be in advance always scientifically. That is emphasized by the President of the University Prof. Dr. Alaa’ AbdulHussein when he met the Committee of media in our university and with the presence of Mr. administrative assistant professor Dr. Riadh Khalil Khamas with members of the media at the university, consisting of Prof. Dr. Abdulbassit Salman, Director of university channel office in our University and Dr. Ahmed Abdelaal, director of relations and media and instructor engineer Bassim Hamid Jrimd director of the website, to discuss the development and improvement of mechanisms media work and the Office of the university channel and the website of the University. The president has stressed the need to promote university to review the activities and events of the university through multi-media, and he stressed the need to address the intellectual and cognitive issues to be accessible to everyone through technology and the infrastructure of the university.

  The University President also stressed the updating of the published topics , news and scientific articles through the university media and the website or electronic technologies that are often formed a kind of intellectual progress in many of the developed world educational institutions., Mr. President has praised during the meeting, the role and work of the university channel ,Department of Media and the website of the university and stressing at the same time more work for the best by adopting of scientific and objective approach in media work, through available technology, and also work on finding mechanisms of letting the channels enter our university according to the traditions , principles and standards that govern the work.

  Dr. Riadh Khalil , the Administrative Assistant of the university president has discussed during the meeting the work of the university media, emphasizing the technological side of the media in dealing with intellectual or academic issues that concern our university and the possibilities of making new and developed images that go with the modern developments and humanitarian progress, which found an urgent need to support the media continuously in order to communicate with the world progress to give the best results. Dr. Riadh has also stressed to follow non-traditional methods in our university to address the dissemination and communication in general , so that the university be in accordance with the continuous development of the work in accordance with the potentials of the university, especially the nature of the size and the wide area of the university over other universities in Iraq and the Middle East.

  Mr. President has briefed the views of the Committee, where Prof. Dr. Abdulbassit Salman, director of the university channel’s office in Baghdad University, has explained the need for institutional work of the media and the professional approach as befits the size and reputation of our honoured university , representing a rate of approximately 43% of the reality of education in Iraq , and that work in the media does not end, especially at the Office of the university channel that now covers a large proportion of the activities and it is expanded the tasks and works in order to be in the other colleges, institutes and departments and formations of the university, he also explained that a media revolution will be launched soon with the university’s efforts and ongoing initiatives in the development of the work of the university as a preparation to launch the channel of Baghdad University in the future, and that readiness is in full swing to prepare officials in each college , Institute and the formation of the university to establish a planned course that will be set up soon.

  The university president has listened to the views of Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Aal, director of relations and media, who has explained the importance of media work and coordinated it in according to the scientific approach within the specialized mechanisms so that the results will be distinctive, stressing that the media work is qualitative and quantitative at the same time, but quantity must dominate to feature our university with the rest of the universities and also stressed the developmental ways of all workers of the media in non-traditional media methods.

  As he has explained the need to expand the work of the university channel Office by producing multiple specialized programs at the university as innovations, creative and excellent programs and also stressed the need for coordination on reporting Department of media early and directly of all the activities and events of all academic departments and colleges and their cooperation in communication, as well as the importance of creating an objective and practical mechanisms , he also has listened to the viewpoint of the website director , instructor engineer Bassim Hameed, who explained that the world is evolving and progressing within the fast pace and the efforts of multiple global developments accompanied the media, science and technology, as the contact in the world is witnessing the work and the stability reflected on various aspects is fixed to evolve and get better day by day . The president also has emphasized at the end of the meeting to keep communicating and discussing the developments . The website team has followed the meeting and documented it with a set of photographs .

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